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Holidaymakers want to travel within the US

Holidaymakers in the United States are planning to travel within the country in 2020.

The Travel Channel's 2020 Leisure Travel Forecast has predicted that leisure travel will be on the rise in the next year, with 53 per cent looking at destinations within the US, whilst only 20 per cent want to head abroad for their holidays.

Mariel Clark, Vice President of Digital for HGTV and Travel Channel, said: "It's exciting to see more Americans plan much-needed getaways in 2020. A lot goes into arranging these trips, and we at Travel Channel are here to help make the prep, planning and on-the-ground experiences easier and more memorable for everyone. Americans are looking to more affordable and easy to navigate small and mid-sized cities for their vacations. Even small cities have poured resources into public art, breweries and distilleries, public parks and walking trails, and the kind of quality of life elements that make these sites appealing for both locals and visitors."

And it has also been predicted that travellers will want to rely on technology even more than before, with there being a 20 per cent decrease in the number of travellers looking to disconnect from technology when they go away.

Clark added: "In an age where we're in constant communication through our technology, whether it's emailing for work or staying in touch with friends on social, it's still important to carve out time away to experience the trip. Unplugging is easier said than done, but there are a few tips that can help travellers stay device free, such as: booking a secluded cabin or 'glamping' vacation away from readily available cell service; signing up for hotel-run mindfulness programs that give structure and support for 'no-screen time'; and planning more active trips where activities require your full attention. If you must stay connected, dedicate a specific, set amount of time to check in each day. Then, step away from the screen and go enjoy your vacation."

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