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Canadians are looking for meaningful holidays

Canadians are looking for meaningful holidays.

A study by the Global Coalition on Ageing have detailed in their 'Destination Healthy Ageing: The Physical, Cognitive and Social Benefits of Travel' paper that going to a new place for a holiday helps people to reduce stress, increase creativity. It also claims it can lower the risk of depression as well as boost people's happiness and general life satisfaction.

They wrote in their report: "Among the most important benefits of travel and vacations - and certainly the most intuitive - is the reduction of stress. Stress has increasingly been found to play a damaging role in health. It weakens the immune system and has been shown to increase one's chances of suffering from maladies such as adrenal dysfunction, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome ... It should then come as no surprise that a recent survey of American travellers shows that 93 per cent feel happier after a vacation, over three-quarters (77 per cent) believe that their health improves after a vacation and roughly 80 per cent believe that vacations and the activities undertaken on vacations result in greater productivity, energy and focus. In fact, those who engage in more leisure activities such as travel are generally healthier and report greater satisfaction in their lives than those who do not."

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