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Comfort is most important for travellers

Comfort is most important for travellers.

A study by Collinson has revealed that nearly three quarters of people (74 per cent) prioritise comfort over the likes of value for money (60 per cent) and efficiency whilst travelling (49 per cent).

And we are so willing to get comfort on our journeys that just under a third (32 per cent) of the 25,000 surveyed would pay extra for airport lounge access whilst 31 per cent would pay more for extra legroom.

Christopher Evans, joint CEO at Collinson, said: "The competition to optimise and monetise the traveller journey is already heating up. The challenge and opportunity for travel benefit providers and airports is to understand where their propositions fit into the millions of unique travel journeys we see each day, and how they can positively impact travellers both in the moment and throughout the broader end-to-end experience."

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