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Phoenix in Arizona is popular holiday destination

Phoenix in Arizona has become a popular holiday destination.

A new study has revealed that the capital of the southwestern US state has become increasingly popular with those heading away for Spring Break, coming trumps over some more well known destinations.

Also to feature on the list includes Orlando, which tops the bookings for 2020 as well as Fort Lauderdale in second place and ever popular Los Angeles and New York ranking fifth and sixth respectively.

Tom Spagnola, Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations at, said: "While we're seeing the usual suspects in our Spring Break findings, it's worth noting that up-and-coming cities such as Phoenix, Arizona are seeing an influx of spring breakers. Phoenix is filled to the brim with great nightlife, cultural sites, and food - all for an affordable price. It's no secret that Spring Break could be an expensive time to travel but there are a few things you travellers can do to save money and still have a great time. First and foremost, I'd recommend packing lightly and if you can avoid checking a bag - definitely do so."

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