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One in five people are ready to travel now

One in five people are ready to travel now.

During the coronavirus pandemic, travel has all but halted but now people are starting to desire to have that desire to travel again, with 20 per cent of people either already travelling or happy to travel now with no hesitations, a study by Destination Analysts has revealed.

American travellers are also feeling more happy about having more tourists come to visit them in their own cities.

The report reads: "One in five are now already traveling or ready to travel with no hesitations. These Americans have less concerns about the impact of the virus, are more optimistic about its course. They are more likely to prioritise having new experiences in their lives and seek joy and relaxation. Conversely, these travellers are less likely to avoid long haul travel and be motivated by a staycation message. They are also more likely to be Caucasian and between 41 and 55 years old (GenX)."

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