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Deontay Wilder is the most dangerous heavyweight according to Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has heaped praise on his upcoming opponent Deontay Wilder he prepares for their trilogy fight.

The pair will meet in the ring for the third time on Saturday and Fury is keen to point out that in his eyes at least he's facing "the most dangerous heavyweight out there".

Speaking at a BT Sport Box Office event: "A lot of people are writing Wilder off in this fight.

"They almost look at him like he's a bum.

"Like he can't fight and he's useless.

"You can't write him off."

"Make no mistake about this, Deontay Wilder is the most dangerous heavyweight out there.

"Combine them all together and they don't make a danger like Wilder.

"So that's what I'm messing with.

"I'm playing with an atomic bomb, messing round, clipping wires.

"Every time you go into the ring with Deontay Wilder you're playing with that danger.

"This is the third time now I've been in the ring with him and every single time he's been very dangerous.

"He's a very dangerous hombre with big, big power and he can close the distance quickly.

"With most boxers they need to hit you with five punches, with Wilder he can hit you with a quarter punch and knock you spark out."

And having previously triumphed against Ukranian boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 Fury insists Wilder is the second biggest danger he's a ever faced.

He said: "Wilder's my most dangerous fight since Klitschko.

"Klitschko was my most dangerous hurdle to overcome.

"Once I got that guy out of the way I always knew Wilder would be my most dangerous opponent no matter who I fought.

"Klitschko would be the first danger, no one compared to him.

"And then the second danger would be Wilder in my second career.

"That's what we're messing with - my ultimate danger man.

"If you could design any fighter to be able to compete with me as a boxer then it would be Deontay Wilder.

"He's the most dangerous out of all of them.

"The rest of them are all tailor-made for me.

"They're not dangerous, they're just boxers."

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