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Dana White ridicules Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather's confrontation

Dana White ridicules Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather's confrontation

Dana White thinks that Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather staged their recent confrontation.

A video surfaced last week showing Mayweather and his entourage confronting Paul in the aftermath of a Miami Heat basketball game but White thinks that the incident has been used by the pair as a promotional tool.

The UFC president told TMZ Sports: "I just can’t see Floyd doing that. I can’t see Floyd rolling up on somebody and doing that. It’s not Floyd’s style. It’s not really his personality. I thought it was a skit. I’m not buying it. When’s the last time you saw Floyd Mayweather act like a thug and roll up on somebody with 50 people? That’s just not what Floyd does. Yeah, I’m not buying it."

Paul is adamant that Mayweather and his team were out to cause harm and wants to settle his differences with the legendary boxer in the ring.

He said: "Floyd will not see me 1 on 1 in a real fight. That’s a fact. His team has hit my team numerous times to do one of his 'exhibitions'. Now he ambushes me. Come see me in the ring, real fight, no exhibition robbing fans b*******."

White has been a fierce critic of Jake and his brother Logan Paul and previously vowed never to sanction either of their fights.

He said: "First of all, I would never do business with those guys, just no. No, this is not what we do. I'm not gonna f***** loan them a guy for f****** what? There's no way. You got plenty of f****** goofballs out there that you can muster up to get in there and play these games that these guys are playing. Yeah, I'm not your guy."

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